pCL-Ampho 载体

质粒类型: 逆转录病毒载体
高拷贝/低拷贝: 高拷贝
启动子: CMV
克隆方法: 多克隆位点,限制性内切酶
载体抗性: Ampicillin (氨苄青霉素)
备注: 可以用于大部分哺乳动物细胞,但是不可以用于仓鼠细胞细胞。
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VT1549 pCL-Ampho 2ug 点击询价

The pCL-Ampho packaging vector is a part of the RetroMax expression system (Cat#10040K) and has been designed to maximize recombinant–retrovirus titers in a simple, efficient, and flexible experimental system. By introducing a retroviral vector into a cell expressing retroviral proteins, retroviral particles (virions) are shed into the culture medium at the rate of 1 infectious particle/cell/day. Retrovirus tropism is determined at three levels. The first is simply a function of viral envelope protein, gp70. The envelope determines which cells the virus will enter. gp70 comes in three different flavors for gene therapy. The plasmid DNA can be amplified by transforming bacteria and growing them on LB/ampicillin (100 µg/ml) media.