pVitro2-neo-mcs 载体

质粒类型: 哺乳动物表达载体
高拷贝/低拷贝: 高拷贝
启动子: CMV
克隆方法: 多克隆位点,限制性内切酶
载体大小: 6125 bp (查看载体序列)
载体抗性: Kanamycin (卡那霉素)
筛选标记: Neo
产品编号 产品名称 规格 价格
VT1043 pVitro2-neo-mcs 2ug 点击询价

Expression plasmids pVITRO2-MCS are developed mainly for in vitro studies. 
pVITRO2-MCS allows the ubiquitous and constitutive co-expression of two genes of interest.

pVITRO2-MCS plasmids carry two human ferritin composite promoters, FerH (heavy chain) and FerL (light chain). To eliminate the iron regulation, their 5’UTRs have been replaced by the 5’UTR of the mouse and chimpanzee EF-1α genes. pVITRO2-MCS plasmids are available with different selectable markers that are active both in E. coli and mammalian cells.

pVITRO2-MCS plasmids contain two multiple cloning sites (MCS) for the convenient cloning of your cDNAs of interest.