质粒类型: 逆转录病毒载体
载体大小: 7240 bp
载体标签: IRES-GFP (C-terminal)
载体抗性: Ampicillin (氨苄青霉素)
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VT1547 pMXs-IRES-GFP 2ug 点击询价

Retroviruses are efficient tools for delivering heritable genes into the genome of dividing cells.pMXs-IRES-GFP retroviral vector (also known as pMXs-IG) is based on Moloney murine leukemia virus (MMLV). The vector provides the viral package signal, transcription and processing elements, and MCS for cloning of a target gene. The viral env gene, produced by the package cell line, encodes the envelop protein, which determines the viral infectivity range. Transfection into a package cell line produces high-titer, replication-incompetent viruses. In addition to transfer and expression of exogenous genes in mammalian cells, recently, retroviruses have been used to express silencing RNAs (siRNA) to decrease the expression of target genes both in vitro and in vivo. The vector contains the ampicillin-resistance gene, MMLV LTRs, package signal and MCS for cloning of your gene of interest.