pGL3-Control 载体

质粒类型: 启动子报告载体
启动子: SV40
克隆方法: 多克隆位点,限制性内切酶
载体大小: 5256 bp (查看载体序列)
5' 测序引物及序列: RVprimer3 Fwd: CTAGCAAAATAGGCTGTCCC
载体抗性: Ampicillin (氨苄青霉素)
备注: pGL3-control是荧光素酶报告载体,含有SV40 增强子和启动子,增强荧光素酶的表达。
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The pGL3 Luciferase Reporter Vectors(a–c) provide a basis for the quantitative analysis of factors that potentially regulate mammalian gene expression. These factors may be cis-acting, such as promoters and enhancers, or trans-acting, such as various DNA-binding factors. The backbone of the pGL3 Luciferase Reporter Vectors is designed for increased expression, and contains a modified coding region for firefly (Photinus pyralis) luciferase that has been optimized for monitoring transcriptional activity in transfected eukaryotic cells. The assay of this genetic reporter is rapid, sensitive and quantitative. In addition, these Luciferase Reporter Vectors contain numerous features aiding in the structural characterization of the putative regulatory sequences under investigation.