pIRES-hrGFP-1a 载体

质粒类型: 哺乳动物表达载体
高拷贝/低拷贝: 高拷贝
启动子: CMV
载体大小: 5.0kb
载体标签: 3X FLAG
载体抗性: Ampicillin (氨苄青霉素)
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VT1056 pIRES-hrGFP-1a 2ug 点击询价

The pIRES-hrGFP vectors contain a dicistronic expression cassette in which the multiple cloning site (MCS) is followed by the EMCV-IRES linked to the hrGFP coding sequence. This design allows the expression of a gene of interest to be monitored at the single-cell level due to expression of hrGFP on the same transcript. The gene of interest may be fused to three contiguous copies of either the FLAG® epitope (pIRES-hrGFP-1a) or the HA epitope (pIRES-hrGFP-2a).